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The Red Syndicate is a playable faction in Final Frontier, a scenario in Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.

Civilopedia entry[]

Among the youngest of the human Colonies to survive cut off from the Earth, Crossroads was created in 2265 AD for the sole purpose of, as its name suggests, serving as a trade hub for other colonies. Acting as the warehouse and supply depot of the stars meant that economics played a significant role in the development of Crossroads. As with all human economic activity, a darker side of the economic market emerged, and a powerful organization known as the "Red Syndicate" gradually extended its grasp over the trade of the colony. Originally a private, capitalistic-owned settlement under the supervision of the PDE, Crossroads fell increasingly under the sway of the Red Syndicate. The population steadily increased along with the monetary success the Colony enjoyed, and many immigrants, particularly the less fortunate, were quick to join the Syndicate, as it promised protection and comfort for those who gave it their obedience.

In 2302, after one month with no word from Earth, the Red Syndicate under Vladimir Korovin enacted a complete takeover of Crossroads. In truth, this meant very little actually changed, as the Syndicate's influence was already far-reaching. With the Colony now officially under its control, the Syndicate began to lay plans to extend its power beyond a single world.