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Relativistic Data Bank
Relativistic Data Bank (CivBE)
National Wonder in Beyond Earth
Cost 400 20xProductionBE
Maintenance None
Requires None
Specialist slots None
Effect None
Notes -1 Intrigue per turn in all Cities.

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The Relativistic Data Bank is a national wonder in the Rising Tide expansion pack. It can only be built by combining Progenitor Artifacts.

-1 intrigue per turn in all cities


"Operations begin with intelligence. Ideal intel gathers itself, in abundance, before you even conceive of the use for it." - Suzanne Marjorie Fielding, New Approaches to Perpendicular Colonial Relations


Advanced technology has historically been among the most significant sources of cultural power and preeminence. Protecting such advantages has always been as vital as winning the race to capitalize upon them first. The security of information has never been impenetrable. As long something exists, someone can find a way to steal it. Recursive Displacement Protocol prevents this theft by encrypting data into quantum particles and firing them at superluminal speeds, into the future. With one exception, no one has been able to steal something that does not yet exist.

Relativistic Data Banks proved to be the most lucrative application of RDP technology, but they were not the only application nor the first. Tests utilizing RDP to transfer neurons in the limbic system seconds into the future, allowed human subjects to delay their emotions and focus on physical reactions. Theoretically, surgeons could manage their anxiety, soldiers their fear, and mourners their sadness. These tests ultimately failed and funding was cut, but it is believed they are linked to the identity of a hacker known as ‘0pperition’, the only known entity to successfully breach a Relativistic Data Bank.

During the production of early RDBs, designers often discovered code they did not write, tagged by 0pperition. Concerned about this invasive tampering, the final program would diagnose errors and compile itself nanoseconds in the future; an unnoticeable length of time but long enough to prevent hackers from accessing the foundation of an RDB. The process proved impenetrable for all but 0pperition, who would continue to retrieve and publically distribute soon-to-be-data. Only when randomness was added to the underlying Recursive Displacement Protocol did 0pperition’s attacks cease. Data is now fragmented as it begins its superluminal projection. Therefore, “when” a fragment of data exists is never consistent. It is impossible to assemble every fragment while the projection is active; similar to attempting to solve a puzzle with constantly vanishing and appearing pieces. This improvement ensured that RDBs provide flawless security. The only trace of the former entity that breached the original RDB can be found in reports that monitors that system. These reports show an entity, potentially 0pperition, trapped in a loop, somewhere seconds from now.

Artifacts that prefer this wonderEdit

Image Artifact name
Temporal Injector artifact (Rising Tide) Temporal Injector
String Weaver artifact (Rising Tide) String Weaver
Fixed Position Locator artifact (Rising Tide) Fixed Position Locator
Bright Matter artifact (Rising Tide) Bright Matter
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RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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