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Religious Settlements is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It increases border expansion rate by 15% in the player's cities. In the June 2019 Update, it was altered to provide a free Settler in the founder's Capital6 Capital as well.

Strategy Edit

The advantage of Religious Settlements is that everyone benefits from it: faster border expansion is helpful for all civilizations, all leaders, and all victory conditions. The disadvantage of Religious Settlements is that almost every other pantheon is better for one or more specific victory conditions. It's a good pantheon for players to choose if they're not concerned about founding and spreading a religion, or if they want to claim more territory without focusing on developing their empire's Civ6Culture Culture.

The main advantage of Religious Settlements is that unlike a Civ6Culture Culture-generating Pantheon, it has absolutely no requirement whatsoever: any city that has the pantheon receives the bonus automatically. With the June 2019 Update, it also provides the founder with a free Settler, making it one of the most powerful and contested Pantheons. In single-player games, this Pantheon is most likely to be the first or second Pantheon to go, so only civilizations with early Civ6Faith Faith generation can actually get a hold of this.

Religions and Pantheons in Civilization VI [edit]
Default Religions

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