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Exploring The New world (CTP2)

Here you see an Explorer sighting the New World during part of the Renaissance Age.

The Renaissance Age is one of the ages in Call to Power II. It is the second age in the base game, coming after the Ancient Age and before the Modern Age.

The Renaissance represents a 500-year period (1400-1900) during which many significant changes occurred. Some of the most notable were the discovery of Gunpowder and use of musket rifles to the discovery of the printing press. By the end of this 500-year period musket rifles evolved into machine guns. The discovery of the new world also made a big impact during this time period.

Great Library entry[]

After the tumult of the Dark Ages in Europe, nations struggled to come to grips with their historical, cultural and national identities. Particularly in Italy, the Renaissance sparked a renewed interest in the period of Greek and Roman dominance known as the classical period. As the thinkers of the age grappled with the wisdom of the ancients, they opened up new frontiers in science, art, philosophy and culture. Mimicking their ancestors' interest in the physical world, the great minds of the Renaissance began to explore the fields of optics, chemistry, physics and astronomy. Advancements in shipbuilding made larger, more powerful ships available for exploration and warfare. More than anything, the discovery of gunpowder changed the nature of war. As strong nations equipped their soldiers with muskets and cannon, cultures still relying on catapults, archers and swordsmen were easily wiped out and conquered. International trade proliferated as ships laden with exotic goods traveled the seven seas, bringing spices to Europe, muskets to Asia and horses to the New World.


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