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The Renaissance Era is the fourth era in Civilization VI. It is preceded by the Medieval Era and followed by the Industrial Era.


New powers call forth, from the barrel of muskets to flowers of fire in the sky. Even the quiet words on newly printed pages hold great changes within. The world, once so vast and mysterious, has grown smaller and more familiar. Yet, there are always questions to be answered, faiths to be tested, and national identities to be formed.

Game InfoEdit

The Renaissance is really a groundbreaking Era! First and foremost, it opens up the world ocean for your exploration, allowing you to discover and claim for yourself new lands (if you're fast enough, that is); it also provides you with powerful Social policies to support colonies. Second, it enables the two more 'advanced' Tier 2 governments, allowing your civilization a qualitative jump in social and economical development. Religiously-oriented players will be able to adopt Theocracy to support their aggressive proselytizing, while the more general Merchant Republic is suitable for any player which prefers pure economic development. Third, it unlocks the first Spy and the myriad possibilities that Espionage offers! But there's more: many new Great Person-oriented Cards are unlocked here, along with several key Tier 2 buildings for your districts. Military engineers develop to the last ancient city defenses, while their counterparts discover brand new weapons to break them down; Gunpowder starts invading the battlefield and completely altering the way combat is conducted. With development of ocean-worthy sail-based vessels, capable of carrying much more weight (and consequently much heavier weapons), naval engagements become much more interesting. But they also start occupying the previously unreachable vast expanses of ocean! This introduces a whole new level of unpredictability, forcing commanders to be more careful when moving through the seas - enemy ships can now appear literally out of nowhere! 

Culture-oriented players should start building Museums ASAP: this will bring them priceless Great Artist points, which will lead to Great Works of special importance in the Eras to come. But even they shouldn't pass up the opportunity to found new cities far from home - after all, it does matter how many Museums you have to house your Works. 

When starting a game in the Renaissance Era, players receive two Settlers, two Scouts, one Crossbowman, 20 Civ6Faith Faith, 250 Civ6Gold Gold, and 5 Envoy6 Envoys. All cities founded after the Capital6 Capital have 2 Citizen6 Population, a Monument, a Granary, and Ancient Walls, and players receive a Pikeman and a Builder in each city founded by one of their starting Settlers (and a Trader in the first one).


Technology Prerequisites Eureka Unlocks
Cartography (Civ6) Cartography Shipbuilding Build 2 Harbors Caravel, Casa de Contratación

+1 (R&F-Only +2) Civ6Gold Gold to Fishing Boats

All naval and embarked units can navigate Ocean tiles

Mass Production (Civ6) Mass Production Education


Build a Lumber Mill Shipyard, Venetian Arsenal
Banking (Civ6) Banking Education



Have the Guilds civic Bank, Grand Bazaar, Great Zimbabwe

+1 (R&F-Only +2) Civ6Gold Gold to Quarries

Gunpowder (Civ6) Gunpowder Military Engineering



Build an Armory Musketman, Conquistador (Spain only), Janissary (Suleiman only), Hwacha (Korea only), Malón Raider (Mapuche only)
Printing (Civ6) Printing Machinery Build 2 Universities Forbidden City

Provides one more level of DiplomaticVisibility6 Diplomatic Visibility on all other civilizations. All Tourism6 Tourism from GreatWorkWriting6 Great Works of Writing are doubled.

Square Rigging (Civ6) Square Rigging Cartography Kill a unit with a Musketman Frigate, De Zeven Provinciën (Dutch only)

+1 Civ6Movement Movement for embarked units.

Astronomy (Civ6) Astronomy Education Build an University adjacent to a Mountain Potala Palace
Metal Casting (Civ6) Metal Casting Gunpowder Own 2 Crossbowmen Bombard, Pike and Shot, Carolean (Sweden only)
Siege Tactics (Civ6) Siege Tactics Castles Own 2 Bombards Renaissance Walls, Fort, Tsikhe (Georgia only)


Civics Prerequisites Inspiration Unlocks
Exploration (Civ6) Exploration Mercenaries

Medieval Faires

Build 2 Caravels Colonial Offices, Native Conquest

+1 Civ6Food Food to Pastures

Merchant Republic

Humanism (Civ6) Humanism Medieval Faires


Earn a Great Artist Frescoes, Invention

Archaeological Museum, Art Museum, Taj Mahal, Chateau

Diplomatic Service (Civ6) Diplomatic Service Guilds Have an alliance with another civilization Machiavellianism, Wisselbanken

Resident Embassies, Spy, four new casus belli

Reformed Church (Civ6) Reformed Church Divine Right Have 6 cities following your Religion Religious Orders, Simultaneum, Wars of Religion

St. Basil's Cathedral, Golf Course (Scotland only)


Mercantilism (Civ6) Mercantilism Humanism Earn a Great Merchant Logistics, Triangular Trade

Privateer, Sea Dog (England only)

+1 Civ6Food Food and +1 Civ6Production Production to Camps.

The Enlightenment (Civ6) The Enlightenment Diplomatic Service Earn 3 Great People Free Market, Liberalism, Rationalism

Religious Tourism effects are halved versus your civilization



Fort (Civ6) Fort

Mission (Civ6) Mission

Golf Course (Civ6) Golf Course R&F-Only



Venetian Arsenal (Civ6) Venetian Arsenal

Great Zimbabwe (Civ6) Great Zimbabwe

Forbidden City (Civ6) Forbidden City

Potala Palace (Civ6) Potala Palace

Taj Mahal (Civ6) Taj Mahal R&F-Only

St. Basil's Cathedral (Civ6) St. Basil's Cathedral R&F-Only

Casa de Contratación (Civ6) Casa de Contratación R&F-Only

R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

GS-Only Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.

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R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
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