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Repair Facility
Repair Facility (CivBE).png
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 90 Production
Maintenance 1 Energy Energy
Requires Engineering
Specialist slots None
Effect +10% Production for Land Units
Notes None

History[edit source]

In such harsh conditions as this planet offered, a facility for effecting repairs on military equipment, especially vehicles, was a necessity. The first military repair facilities were similar to military backshops on Old Earth, a warehouse for modular SRUs (shop-replaceable units) and LRU (line-replaceable units) that could be used to build and later repair vehicles through the swapping in of pre-fabricated sub-systems (such as engines or suspensions or weapons). Specialized facilities were later devoted to construction and maintenance of air and naval units where appropriate. After the vehicles that had been part of the original manifest had been put together, the colonial repair facility was usually put to service adapting ship salvage, machining parts individually and constructing new military vehicles, often from improved designs developed after landing. Many of the repair facilities included laboratories and testing areas, for the “mechanics” of the settlements were often highly trained engineers themselves, and discovered and adapted new technologies to produce new vehicles suited to this new world. The repair facilities evolved as the vehicles did, becoming ever more sophisticated operations, and remain an integral part of the colonial armed forces even today.

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