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Republic is a government available with The Republic, an ancient technology.

Civilopedia entry[]

The "republican" form of government encourages greater economic freedom among the people and leads to dramatic increases in trade. More trade means more luxuries, tax revenues, and science research. However, under a republic war is much more difficult to wage because military units not in their home city cause one citizen to become unhappy. Most cities can therefore only afford to have a few military units on campaign without risking civil disorder. The republic becomes especially useful when your cities have grown quite large, because the increase in trade is very helpful in providing luxuries and maintaining a reasonable rate of technology advance.

  • +1 trade bonus in all tiles that already produce trade.
  • Every unit outside their home city causes 1 unhappiness. (exceptions: settlers, transports, diplomats, caravans)
  • Units cost 1 shield of maintenance. Settlers consume 2 food units.
  • Can't declare war, and must accept all peace treaties.
  • Very Low Corruption.

Advisors are Greeks in the ancient era and Americans in the modern era. The leader is known as a President.

Women's Suffrage wonder reduces the unhappiness penalty for units outside the city to 0.

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