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Reputation is a concept in Civilization II that punishes players for doing dishonorable things like sneak attacking other Civilizations.

A player's reputation is determined by the number of "black marks" a player earns. Each treaty violated results in 2 black marks. However, if another Civilization in which already have a treaty incites you to declare war on another Civilization that a player has a treaty with, then that player only receives one black mark, and that black mark does not count for the civilization asking you to break the treaty.

International incidents created by espionage may also harm a civilization's reputation.

Reputation scale[]

  • 0 Black Marks = Spotless
  • 1 Black Marks = Excellent
  • 2 Black Marks = Honourable
  • 3 Black Marks = Questionable
  • 4 Black Marks = Dishonourable
  • 5 Black Marks = Poor
  • 6 Black Marks = Despicable
  • 7 or more Black Marks = Atrocious

Regaining Reputation[]

Reputation points can be regained. Black marks are deleted one at a time, over a number of game turns. The formula for regaining reputation is:

Turns it takes to lose one black mark = (24 x Difficulty Level)

Where Difficulty Level = 1 for Chieftain, 2 for Warlord, etc.

However, unless a player builds the Eiffel tower, a player will never regain a spotless reputation.

Penalties for Poor Reputation[]

  • No alliances unless your reputation is Excellent or better;
  • No permanent treaties unless your reputation is Questionable or better;
  • If your reputation is Atrocious, the AI feels no compulsion to adhere to cease-fires or existing treaties with you.

The Eiffel Tower[]

The Eiffel Tower (Civ2).png Eiffel Tower wonder resets a player's reputation level to Spotless. Future violations of treaties will only lead to a single black mark and a player's reputation is regained at twice the default rate. However, a player's reputation will never be spotless again if a player violates treaties after the wonder is built.


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