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Research Lab (Civ2) A Research Lab is a building in Civilization II that increases the Beaker (Civ2)science output of a City by an additional 50% (cumulative with a Library and University, which must be present for this to be built).

The SETI Program creates a research lab in all of of its owner's ciites. Players may sell their research labs with the SETI program with no consequences.


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Historically, libraries and universities have acted as the primary centers of research for new ideas and technologies. The growth of private industry in the modern age has also given birth to hundreds of privately-owned research facilities. These private laboratories, usually dedicated to research in a single field related to their founding company, have made tremendous advances in many fields including physics, biology, chemistry, and medicine. The growth of privately-funded research has vastly increased the speed at which mankind achieves new advances in science and technology.

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