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A resource is a special commodity that gives bonus yields (such as food or production) to its tile. It may also have an effect across the empire or cities which have access to it, most notably increased happiness. The number and complexity of the resource system has steadily increased with each new entry in the Civilization series. Some resources such as Peat, Pig or Rubber have appeared in only one game, others such as Crab, Copper, Sugar and Stone have been in different resource categories depending on which game is involved.

Civilization I included only 10 distinct resources, a number that immediately doubled in the first sequel.

From Civilization III onward, there are three types of tile resources, some with additional effects apart from increased yield:

  1. Strategic resources, which are required to build certain units and buildings.
  2. Luxury resources, which increase happiness.
  3. Bonus resources, which simply improve tile yield without other effects.

Civilization IV introduced Terrain Features (removing Oases from the list of resources) and the separate tile improvement system for resources (Adding a number of improvements that were later standardized into Pastures, Plantations, Camps, Quarries and Fishing Boats), as well as resources that did not appear on tiles such as Hit Movies. The latter were reformed into Great Works in Civilization V, and removed from the resource system. The concept of unique resources was still present, but instead of being generated by wonders abilities they became associated with special abilities of City-States or Civilization (specifically Indonesia). Civilization VI made several of them available through Great People (Specifically Great Merchants) instead.

Civ VI also treats its Antiquity Sites as a fully integrated part of the resource system. In that game, the number of possible luxury resources is large enough that the number which can actually appear on the map is limited to twenty-four on Large and Huge maps.


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