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Resources are special commodities found in limited quantities on the map. When a resource is "worked" it provides a bonus for your colony. Bonuses vary from increased yield (production, food, etc.) to a number of units of Floatstone Floatstone, Xenomass Xenomass, and Firaxite Firaxite, or some other strategic resources necessary for producing specific units and buildings.

Affinity Resources[]

Civilization: Beyond Earth introduces three resources that are each special to the three Affinities in the game.

Name Improvement Preferred Affinity
Xenomass Xenomass Xenomass Well Harmony
Xenomass Xenomass is seen on the map as a greenish bubbling pool, and is a strategic resource that is special to Harmony players. It is always visible, and is accessed with a Xenomass Well. It is usually found underneath Alien Nests, but can also be found scattered elsewhere on the map. Alien Nests have a chance to respawn on any Xenomass tile that is covered by miasma, unless there is a player unit sitting on the tile.
Floatstone Floatstone Floatstone Quarry Purity
Floatstone Floatstone is a strategic resource used in levitating units in the late game phase. It's visible from the beginning of the game, and is accessed with a Floatstone Quarry. It has special uses for Purity-aligned factions. David McDonough states, "(the Purity player) specializes in the float-stone, and they figure out how to mill it into a particular kind of ore that they can use to levitate truly massive objects. Their highest levels are the LEV-Tanks and the LEV-Destroyer, which is essentially a battleship that flies."
Firaxite Firaxite Firaxite Mine Supremacy
Firaxite Firaxite is a glowing yellow mineral used to build advanced computer components. It is a strategic resource that is best used by Supremacy players. Firaxite is always visible, and is accessed with a Firaxite Mine. While unimproved, it can still add +1 to the Energy Energy yield of a tile. The name itself comes from the developers of the game (Firaxis Games).

Even though a player with a certain Affinity has access to a resource to which he/she is not attuned, the player should still capitalize on it. Not only can the player benefit from the tile improvements, but also use the resource to trade with other colonies with different Affinities.

Strategic Resources[]

Much like the above Affinity resources, which must be classified as strategic as well, these can be used to make special units or buildings; though they are not tied to any of the Affinities.

Name Prereq Tech Improvement Description
Titanium Titanium Engineering Mine Titanium is a strategic resource important for production and for producing orbital units.
Geothermal Geothermal Geophysics Geothermal Well Geothermal is an essential resource of energy.
Petroleum Petroleum Chemistry Petroleum Well Petroleum is the primary Strategic Resource used for building satellites.

Basic Resources[]

These resources give bonuses to tile yields, and allow special improvements which raise yields even more. Some city buildings are also tied with resources, and may increase further yields.

Name Improvement Yield Notes
Algae Algae Work Barge +1Food Food Required to build Biofuel Plant
+2Energy with Biofuel Plant
Basalt Basalt Quarry +1Production Production
Chelonia Chelonia RT only Fishery +1Production Production
Chitin Chitin Paddock +1Production Production +1Energy with Biofactory
Copper Copper Mine +1Energy Energy +1Science from Network
Coral Coral Work Barge +1Culture Culture
Eggs Eggs RT only Bed +1Food Food
Fiber Fiber Plantation +1Production Production
Fruit Fruit Plantation +1Food Food
Fungus Fungus Plantation +1Food Food Required to build Growlab
+1Food from Growlab
Gold Gold Mine +1Culture Culture
Minerals Minerals RT only Mine +1Production Production
Plankton Plankton RT only Fishery +1Science Science
Resilin Resilin Paddock +1Production Production Required to build Bionics Lab
+1Production from Bionics Lab
Shell Shell RT only Bed +1Culture Culture
Silica Silica Mine +1Science Science +1Health from Optical Surgery
Tubers Tubers Plantation +1Food Food
Vents Vents RT only Sea Well +1Energy Energy
RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.


RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
  • † Spin off game based in the same fictional universe