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The River is a terrain type that can be part of or included in any other terrain type except Mountains or Ocean. It grants a 50% bonus to defense and a movement cost of 1/3 just like roads. It adds +1 extra trade to the normal square it is on. Bridge Building must be researched before roads can be built overs rivers. It takes longer to construct roads and irrigation or any kind of improvement on a river title.


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Civilopedia entry[]

Fed by natural springs, snow melt, and small tributary streams, rivers flow from mountains and other upland sources into larger rivers, lakes, and oceans. Rivers can be found in almost any terrain, from lush jungles and forests to arid desert regions. Since the dawn of civilization, towns and cities have grown up around rivers because the land in river valleys is usually very fertile, and well-suited for farming. In addition, the river provided easy and quick access between towns by boat for trade and travel. Water could be channeled from rivers via aqueducts to cities some distance from the river for the purposes of irrigation. Rivers are also good sources of mineral resources, and can provide power to run machinery and generate electricity.

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