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A River is a type of terrain feature in Civilization VI. It exists almost everywhere in the world, and runs between tiles.

  • Provides Fresh Water to nearby tiles
  • Provides Adjacency bonus to Commercial Hub Districts
  • It is a major movement obstacle
  • +1 Amenities6 Amenities Amenity for cities who have a Holy Site District near a River with the River Goddess Pantheon.


Rivers are invaluable for city settlement, as they supply fresh water and enable the Water Mill to be built. With it, any city may get a good start at growing and producing as early as the Ancient Era! An Aqueduct built next to it will also supply a nearby city with Fresh Water for Housing6 Housing Housing purposes.

But rivers do more than that. They provide a bulwark against invasions for any commander that knows how to use them; they turn Desert into paradise by enabling the Floodplains feature; elsewhere they allow improved farming with the Civil Engineering Civic; they improve Commerce thanks to the additional transport opportunities they provide for merchants.

Finally, you may use a River as means of finding the nearest sea in your early exploration. Every river flows from its source wither to another river, or to a large body of water - just follow the flow direction.

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