Roads increase the output of commerce and can be built in any terrain except water squares.
Roads (Civ3)

Also, units moving along roads expend one third of a movement point per square, regardless of terrain type. Roads cannot cross a River, until the development of Engineering which allows for bridgebuilding. This will also sever the domestic Trade network.

Terrain Produces with Roads
Flood Plain 1 Gold (Civ3) 2 Gold (Civ3)
Grassland 0 Gold (Civ3) 1 Gold (Civ3)
Plains 0 Gold (Civ3) 1 Gold (Civ3)
Hills 0 Gold (Civ3) 1 Gold (Civ3)
Mountains 0 Gold (Civ3) 1 Gold (Civ3)
Forest 0 Gold (Civ3) 1 Gold (Civ3)
Jungle 0 Gold (Civ3) 1 Gold (Civ3)

Workers are ordered to build roads by pressing [R] or the Build Road button.

Civilization III Tile Improvements

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