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Roads and railroads allow units to move longer distances within a turn by reducing the movement costs of terrain.

When a unit is within hostile cultural borders, roads and railroads have no effect unless the unit has the Commando promotion. When the civilization has an Open Borders agreement allowing their units right of passage, they may freely take advantage of roads and railroads.


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Roads can be built after discovering The Wheel. With roads, all spaces cost 1/2 movement points (MP) Movement4.png to enter from other road tiles. After discovering Engineering, the cost goes down to 1/3 MP Movement4.png. In practice, this means that a unit with just one movement point can move three tiles using roads. Similarly, units with two movement points can move six tiles.


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To build railroads, the civilization first needs to discover the Railroad technology and have an access to Coal (Civ4).png Coal or Oil (Civ4).png Oil. Railroads are similar to roads, but they reduce the number of movement points needed to enter a tile from another railroad tile to 1/10 MP Movement4.png.

Railroads also give a bonus of 1 Hammer (Civ4).png to tiles with a Mine, a Lumbermill or a Quarry.

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