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Roald Amundsen is a Great Person in Civilization Revolution.


  • Type of Great Person: Great Explorer/Industrialist
  • Tech Required: Combustion


Great Explorers/Industrialists provide your civilization with new sources of wealth. You may choose to either receive an immediate gold bonus or to settle your Explorer/Industrialist in a city to increase that city's Gold production.


After running away to sea at the age of fifteen, Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen (1872 - 1928 AD) made a career of exploring the coldest and most inhospitable places in the world. He was the first man to successfully navigate the treacherous, ice-filled Northwest Passage in 1906; in 1909 he was narrowly beaten by Robert Peary to be the first man to reach the North Pole. Upon hearing of Peary's victory, Amundsen immediately mounted an expedition to the South Pole, which he became the first to reach in 1911. Amundsen died in 1928 when his plane crashed during an Arctic rescue mission.

Fun Facts[]

Amundsen often referred to himself as "The Last Viking."

Robert Falcon Scott, a rival of Amundsen, had embarked on a journey to the South Pole at the same time as Amundsen. Scott's journey was plagued with bad weather which eventually claimed the lives of every member of his party.

Traveling to the South Pole is dangerous not only because of the extreme cold, but also because Antarctica is the world's largest desert. The lack of water makes it extremely difficult for larger animals - such as humans - to survive in the climate. Amundsen succeeded where so many others failed thanks in no small part to his own skills as a planner and organizer.