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Primary technology of Tier 2

Science 380 Science
Requires Engineering
Leads to Mechatronics


Buildings enabled Autoplant
Improvements enabled Firaxite Mine
Satellites enabled None
Units enabled Tacjet

Allows the Autoplant building. Allows the Tacjet military unit. Allows Workers to build the Firaxite Mine and Manufactory tile improvements.

"Robots do not complain, question, or rest, which makes them good role models for the rest of you."

- Vadim Kozlov, Axioms from the Minutes of the Central Directorate


The field of robotics was already well advanced at the time of the Seeding, with robots used extensively in Mankind’s conquest of the Solar system. With the dramatic advances in mechanical manufacturing, electronic engineering and computer science since planetfall – not to mention the demands of the relatively few humans attempting to survive – it was inevitable that research into robotics was equally dramatic. From the semi-autonomous agricultural, mining and manufacturing robots to the AI humanoid forms, robots are so integral a part of every colony that their sheer numbers are unremarked. Research has focused on making them ever sturdier, so that more tasks in situations that would be extremely dangerous to humans can be transferred. Meanwhile, time-intensive service industries – such as child care and basic health care – are being transferred to humanoid robots.

Game info[]

Primary technology of Tier 2 of the Tech web. Allows constructing the Autoplant building, the Tacjet unit; the Firaxite mine and the Manufactory tile improvements.

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