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The Rock Band is an Atomic Era civilian unit in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, dedicated to pursuing the Culture Victory. It can only be purchased with Civ6Faith Faith and must be named before being able to perform.

  • Attributes:
    • Can earn special Promotion (Civ6) Promotions.
    • Can sell Rock Albums after successful concerts. Each Album sold increases Rock Band efficiency for the next concert.
    • Can level up. Higher level bands have greater chance to perform good concerts.
  • Abilities:
    • Can perform concerts at least once at a variety of venues in foreign nations. Each concert applies a Tourism6 Tourism burst (usually to this nation only).


When a Rock Band is selected, white tiles mark the possible venues for a given Rock Band to Perform Rock Band Concert, which is the unit's unique ability. As usual, activating it terminates the unit's turn (and possibly its existence!). Rock Bands must always perform in foreign lands.

Each performance applies a one-time Tourism6 Tourism pressure burst towards the nation within whose border it took place. Different types of tiles have different average Tourism6 Tourism. The general trend is "bigger" venues get greater Tourism6 Tourism.[1]

In addition to the Tourism6 Tourism burst, each performance has a few possible outcomes:

  • It could become the last performance for the Rock Band, after which the player loses the unit.
  • If the Rock Band is not disbanded, it will gain Albums, a stat that contributes to the expected Tourism6 Tourism of its future performances.
  • If the Rock Band is not disbanded, it may level up and gain a promotion after accumulating enough "experience." The experience per performance is related to performance "Tier," which is randomized and models the quality of that performance. The maximum level of Rock Bands is 4, as is number of promotions.[2]

Each Rock Band receives a free promotion as soon as it is purchased (although the player cannot promote the unit within the same turn of purchase because purchased units start with no Civ6Movement Movement). The Rock Band will have access to three Rock Band Promotions chosen randomly from the table below after it gains a promotion. Having the Hallyu policy card active at the time a Rock Band gains a promotion allows it to access all possible Rock Band Promotions.

A performance by a higher-level Rock Band has a better chance of not disbanding the unit and attaining a higher performance Tier.

List of Rock Band PromotionsEdit

Promotion Effect
Album Cover Art Performs as if 1 level more experienced on wonder tiles.
Arena Rock Performs as if 2 levels more experienced on Entertainment Complex district tiles.
Glam Rock Performs as if 2 levels more experienced on Theater Square district tiles.
Goes to 11 Civilizations within 10 tiles receive 50% of the Tourism6 Tourism from this concert.
Indie Performing a concert causes that city to lose 40 Loyalty.
Music Festival Performs at National Parks and Natural Wonders for expected 1000 Tourism6 Tourism and 1 level more experienced.
Pop Star Earn Civ6Gold Gold equal to 25% of the Tourism6 Tourism generated.
Reggae Rock Performs as if 2 levels more experienced on Water Park district tiles.
Religious Rock Performs a concert that converts the majority religion of that city to the religion founded by the player.[3]
Roadies +4 Civ6Movement Movement.
Space Rock Performs at Spaceports and Campuses for +500 Tourism6 Tourism (+1000 Tourism6 Tourism if Campus has a University) and 1 level more experienced.
Surf Band Performs at Seaside Resorts and Harbors for +500 Tourism6 Tourism (+1000 Tourism6 Tourism if Harbor has a Shipyard) and 1 level more experienced.


Rock Bands' goal is to tour foreign lands and perform concerts there to awe their citizens directly, thus spreading your civilization's fame and advancing its progress towards a Culture Victory. An interesting feature is that they must be named before their first performance. A unique set of Civilization theme-appropriate names was created to make randomly generated Rock Band names interesting,[4] but of course you are allowed to invent your own names!

The impact of a Rock Band unit depends on the number of performances before it disbands, and much less so than on the performance Tier of a single performance. Continuing performance (i.e. survival) of a Rock Band depends on its effective level. Thus it is advantageous to dedicate the first promotion to a venue-specific level upgrade than on the more enticing effects such as Goes to 11 or Religious Rock.

The player can time the purchase of Rock Bands with the turn of policy change, thus enabling the use of the Hallyu policy which lets the player choose the promotion most applicable to the situation of their empire.

Civilopedia entryEdit

The form of the rock band came into its present state over the course of the latter half of the Twentieth Century. A rock band consists of a small number of vocalists and musicians (most commonly four, but sometimes numbering more), usually playing electric guitar, drums, electric bass, and sometimes additional instruments such as keyboards, acoustic guitars, tambourine, and cowbell. The cacophony of their “music” is increased by liberal use of amplification devices, a notable contrast from more elegant small ensembles, like the chamber orchestra.

A touring rock band may be accompanied by specialists in construction, electronics, logistics, merchandising, and—should the audience not be impressed by the atonal jangling of the “musicians”—pyrotechnics. The relationship between the roadie caste and the musicians is a complex one whose nuance exceeds the scope of the Civilopedia.

All rock music is too loud.


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  3. The owner of the Rock Band will gain enough religious pressure to make a simple majority of the city's population follow the owner's founded religion. The existing religious pressures of other religions in that city won't be altered. Religious Rock is also the only way to restore a religion after its cities have been fully converted to other religions.
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Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Hello Cleveland! (Civ6)
Hello Cleveland!
Perform a Rock Concert in Cleveland
A reference to the rock mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap.
Steam achievement One Tree Hill (Civ6)
One Tree Hill
Have one of your Rock Band units perform a concert adjacent to a Maori Pa unique improvement
A song written by Irish rock band U2, which in turn named after a volcanic peak in Auckland, New Zealand. The One Tree Hill in Auckland is an important memorial place for Māori people.
Steam achievement Rock God (Civ6)
Rock God
Have no cities following your religion then convert a city to your religion using a Rock Band unit
A term for a musician talented and popular enough to have a cult-like following.

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