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Rocket Battery
Rocket Battery (CivBE)
Building in Beyond Earth
Cost 125 20xProductionBE
Maintenance 1 20xEnergyBE Energy
Requires Ballistics
Specialist slots None
Effect +15 City Hitpoints
+18 City Defense
+3 Orbital Strike Range
Notes None


Gunpowder-based rockets were used for warfare by the ancient Chinese and Koreans, and migrated westward with the Mongols. In the 20th Century, fixed rocket batteries became a staple in defensive systems, and were used to guard cities against enemy land, sea and aerial forces. During the Great Mistake, batteries of anti-ballistic rockets played a pivotal, if ultimately ineffective, role. When the colonists came to understand that most of the weaponry brought as cargo was minimally effective against the largest alien fauna, laser-guided rockets were built and incorporated into the autonomous defensive perimeters of many settlements. Colonial researchers sought to make use of local materials as propellants, but it was some years before a hybrid gel propellant was developed from planetary petroleum capable of being manufactured in sufficient quantities to be practical. In time, the rockets in colonial batteries were upgraded to counter orbital satellites, outfitted with small quantum computers capable of in-flight decision-making that could target, track and destroy through kinetic energy a satellite … and then if damage to the hardened nosepiece was minimal, acquire another orbital target. Although costly, until more advanced beam weaponry was developed, rocket batteries provide the most efficient counter to attack from land, sea, atmospheric and space threats.

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