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The Royal Navy Dockyard is a unique District District of the English civilization in Civilization VI. It replaces the Harbor and must be built on a Coast or Lake tile adjacent to land.

  • Effects:
    • Lower Production Production cost (27 vs. 54)
    • +1 Movement Movement for all units built in Dockyard.
    • +2 Gold Gold when built on a foreign continent.
    • R&F-Only +4 Loyalty when built on a foreign continent.
    • Major bonus (+2 Gold Gold) for being adjacent to the City Center.
    • Standard bonus (+1 Gold Gold) for each adjacent Sea resource (except Shipwreck Shipwrecks).
    • Minor bonus (+½ Gold Gold) for each adjacent District.
    • +2 Great Admiral Great Admiral points per turn.
    • +1 Trade Route Trade Route capacity if this city doesn't have a Commercial Hub. (Requires a Lighthouse in Rise and Fall.)
    • Allows its parent city to build ships, even if the City Center is inland.
    • Newly produced or purchased ships will spawn at the Royal Navy Dockyard tile.
    • Removes movement penalties for units Embarking to and from its tile.
    • Allows its parent city to build Ships requiring strategic Resources with only 1 count of the relevant resource (prior to Gathering Storm).
    • Specialists add +2 Gold Gold and +1 Food Food each.


The following buildings can be constructed in the Royal Navy Dockyard:



Playing as England, you should make your navy a priority. Research Celestial Navigation and Shipbuilding as soon as you can. While you research these techs, make a couple of Galleys to explore and find new continents. Once you research Shipbuilding make several Settlers, send them across the sea to continents, and build Royal Navy Dockyards in your new cities.

After you finish Shipbuilding, you can do one of two things. You can either rush Cartography and Square Rigging to get powerful naval units, or focus on Science Science and rush Redcoats (which Victoria's leader ability will provide). The instant you get Redcoats, it's basically over for every other civ. Since they are so expensive to maintain, however, you need to have enough Gold Gold to support your army, which will grow larger every time you conquer a city on another continent. Keep your economy strong by building Commercial Hubs and economic buildings in your cities and sending Trade Routes Trade Routes to city-states and neighbors with whom you aren't at war.

With Royal Navy Dockyards on every continent, you'll soon attract Great Admirals who can help you achieve naval supremacy. If you get Gaius Duilius (whose ability forms a Fleet out of any naval unit), save him until you get your first Frigate, then use him on it. An early game Frigate Fleet will absolutely destroy coastal cities. Even better, if you get Santa Cruz, you can use him to form a Frigate Armada and own the ocean!

However, controlling the ocean will do you no good if you can't see what's hidden over the horizon, and other players will become suspicious if they see a Frigate Fleet or Armada near their borders. To solve this problem, discover Mercantilism as quickly as possible and begin producing Sea Dogs, then send them out to certain strategic spots on the map so they can patrol the ocean without being seen. If someone tries to turn the tables on you and launch a surprise assault on your shores, you'll know it's coming and be able to capture their ships with your Sea Dogs while the rest of your navy deals with any embarked units.

Another incredible strategy you can utilize with this district is pre-building a few of them to 1 turn, then rushing to Square Rigging and finishing them all in one turn, instantly creating you a powerful and advanced navy, and likely the economy to support it provided they have good adjacency.

Civilopedia entry[]

Officially designated "HM Royal Dockyards" until the late 1960s, the British Navy maintained a string of facilities around the world where its commissioned ships could be based, overhauled, refitted and repaired (if things afloat went wrong). The first, a shipbuilding yard as well as a dockyard, was designated such at Portsmouth in 1496 AD, just in time to bedevil the Spanish and French for the next couple centuries. The first outside the confines of Great Britain: the Royal Dockyard at English Harbor in Antigua in 1728. Through the Dutch Wars, Napoleonic Wars, colonial wars, and two world wars the Royal Dockyards did (not to mix metaphors overly) yeoman service. But with the reduced role of the Royal Navy and the erosion of the empire, in the latter part of the 20th century those Royal Dockyards that remain open have been largely converted to accommodation and training of naval personnel.


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