The Russian people represent a civilization in Civilization: Call to Power.

Leaders Edit

Russia have 2 leaders

  • Ivan the Terrible (1530-1584) (Male)
  • Catherine the Great (1729-1796) (Female)

First 5 Cities Edit

  • Moscow (the biggest city and the capital of Russian Federation; one of the biggest cities in the world (9th place) and in Europe (1st place); date founded - 1147 AD)
  • Kiev (or Kyiv; the biggest city and the capital of Ukraine; date founded - VI century AD)
  • St. Petersburg (historical names: Petrograd, Leningrad; second largest city in Russia, capital in 1725-1918 date founded - 1703 AD)
  • Sevastopol (third Russian federal city (other - Moscow and St. Peterburg), in Russia in 1783-1991, 2014- in Ukraine in 1991-2014; territorial dispute between Russia and Ukraine since 2014; date founded - 1783 AD, first cities and colonies in this territory since BC)
  • Smolensk (Russian ancient fortress, today capital of Smolensk(aya) oblast in Russia; date founded - 862 AD)

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