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Russian cities are cities that can be founded by the Russian civilization in C-evo. The first city was originally founded and is the capital, and the names of future cities are chosen in the order they appear on the list below.

The names listed are default names; players can change their cities' names if they choose.

List of cities[]

Founding Order City Name Notes
1 Moskva Moscow; capital of Russia (1389-1712; 1918-today); the largest city in Russia and Europe; 9th place in the world; 1st Russian federal city
2 Sankt-Peterburg St. Petersburg (1914-1918 Petrograd; 1918-1992 Leningrad); capital of Russian Empire (1712-1918); second largest city in Russia; cultural capital of Russia; 2nd Russian Federal City
3 Kiev Kyiv; capital of Ukraine (1917-1918; 1991-today) and Kievan Rus' (882-1243); third Russian capital; biggest city of Ukraine
4 Minsk Capital of Belarus (1917-1918; 1991-today); the only city with a million inhabitants of Belarus
5 Odesa Odessa; Ukrainian port in the Black Sea
6 Sverdlovsk Yekaterinburg (1924-1991 Sverdlovsk); one of the biggest Russian cities in Ural Region
7 Vladivostok The biggest Russian port in Paciic
8 Novgorod Velikiy Novgorod (860-1999 Novgorod); capital of Russia (864-882), second Russian capital (first is Ladoga - small villiage in Novgorod(skaya) Oblast)
9 Kharkov Kharkiv; one of the largest cities in East Ukraine
10 Krasnojarsk Krasnoyarsk (XVII century - Krasny Yar); the most eastern city-millionaire of Russia
11 Rostov-na-Donu Rostov-on-Don; the biggest Russian port in Black Sea
12 Kursk Ancient Russian fortress; during the Second World War, the Kursk battle took place nearby
13 Samara Samara (1935-1991 Kuibyshev); the top city of Russian Povolzhye (Volga Region)
14 Magnitogorsk Magnitogorsk (1743-1929 Stantitsa Magnitnaya); one of the world centers of ferrous metallurgy; it is the second, after Istanbul (Turkey) transcontinental city (a fun fact: the inhabitants of the city live in Europe, and go to work in Asia)
15 Jaroslavl Yaroslavl; the most stable and best for living city of Russia according to critics
16 Novosibirsk Novosibirsk (1893-1925 Novonikolaevsk); third largest city in Russia; capital of Siberia Region
17 Omsk One of the largest city in Siberia; capital of Russia (1918-1920), but of White Russia (Russian Republic 1918-1922), capital of Red Russia (RSFSR 1918-1922; USSR 1922-1991) is Moscow
18 Smolensk One of the oldest Russian cities; in ancient times is a fortress
19 Perm Perm (1647-1723 Yegoshikhinsky Poschinok; 1723-1781 Yegoshikhinsky Medeplavilny Zavod (Yegoshihinsky Copper Smelting Plant); 1940-1957 Molotov); was named by historical region in Ancient Urals - Perm (maybe it is name for ancient Ugro-Finnic nation); one of the biggest cities in Urals
20 Voronezh One of the Medieval Russian fortress in Chernozemye (Land of the black earth); nomeland of the Russian Navy and the Russian Airborne Forces
21 Sevastopol Sevastopol (1783-1784, 1797-1826 Akhtiar); non-official capital of Crimean Peninsula; 3rd Russian federal city, was Ukrainian in 1991-2014
22 Ufa Capital of Bashkortostan Republic in Russia
23 Krivoy Rog Kriviy Rig; one of the Ukrainian cities
24 Niznij Novgorod Nizhny Novgorod (1932-1990 Gorky); center for Automotive Industry in Povolzhye (Volga Region); in 1612, the center of the national militia against the Polish occupiers; since then, the organizer of the victorious march Kuzma Minin and leader Dmitry Pozharsky are considered national heroes
25 Chelabinsk Chelyabinsk; capital of Russian ferrous metallurgy, which gave rise to many jokes about the "harsh and hot Chelyabinsk workers"
26 Dnipropetrovsk Dnipro or Dnepropetrovsk (1776-1796, 1802-1926 Yekaterinoslav; 1796-1802 Novorossiysk; 1926-2016 Dnipropetrovsk); one of the Ukrainian cities, whose name was changed during the Civil War in Ukraine
27 Donetsk Donetsk (1896-1924 Yuzofka; 1924-1929 Stalin; 1929-1961 Stalino); one of the main centers of resistance of the new government (together with Lugansk) during the Civil War in Ukraine; one of the main areas of coal mining in Ukraine
28 Volgograd Volgograd (1589-1961 Tsaritsyn; 1925-1961 Stalingrad); the city is known for the fact that it was in it during the Second World War that the largest battle - the Battle of Stalingrad - passed; today in honor of this there stands a statue above the Statue of Liberty - "Motherland Calls"
29 Voronezh Repeats the name of the twentieth city
30 Saratov One of the biggest cities in Nizhnye Povolgye (South part of Volga Region)
31 Zaporizhzhya Zaporizhzhya (952-1921 Alexandrovsk); nearby was Zaporizhzhya Sich - the main center of resistance of Ukrainians in Poland; later on the life of this capital of Ukrainian Cossacks will tell in his book "Taras Bulba" N.V. Gogol
32 Lviv Lvov; one of the most Polish cities in Ukraine
33 Toljatti Tolyatti (1737-1964 Stavropol); major center of the automotive and chemical industry
34 Simbirsk Ulyanovsk (1648-1780 Sinbirsk; 1780-1924 Simbirsk); Russian fortress of the Renaissance era; today it is named in honor of Lenin (his real surname is Ulyanov, Lenin is nickname)
35 Izhevsk Izhevsk (1760-1918 Izhevsky Zavod; 1984-1987 Ustinov); capital of Udmurtia Republic in Russian Federarion; younger armory capital of Russia (Older is Tula (see below))
36 Krasnodar Krasnodar (Yekaterinodar 1793-1920); capital of Kuban Region (non-official Russian Region, named for Kuban river, it is capital of Russian tourism, there are many resorts, like Tuapse, Anapa, "Orlyonok" or Sochi)
37 Chabarovsk Khabarovsk (1858-1884 Khabarovka); capital of Russian Far East
38 Irkutsk Near the city there is the most ancient, deep and clean lake of the planet - Baikal - a monument of Russian nature
39 Barnaul
40 Novokuzneck
41 Penza
42 Razan a.k.a. Ryazan'
43 Orenburg
44 Lipeck a.k.a. Lipetsk
45 Naberezhnyje Chelny
46 Mykolayiv
47 Tula
48 Gomel
49 Tumen
50 Kemerovo
51 Mariupol
52 Astrachan
53 Tomsk
54 Kirov
55 Ivanovo
56 Luhansk
57 Bransk
58 Cheboksary
59 Tver
60 Nizhnij Tagil
61 Makiyivka
62 Murmansk
63 Mogilev
64 Kurgan
65 Archangelsk
66 Sochi
67 Vitebsk
68 Vinnytsya
69 Orel
70 Stavropol
71 Simferopol
72 Kaluga
73 Vladimir
74 Belgorod
75 Machachkala
76 Kherson
77 Cherepovec
78 Poltava
79 Saransk
80 Tambov
81 Chita
82 Vladikavkaz
83 Grodno
84 Vologda
85 Chernihiv
86 Brèst
87 Komsomolsk-na-Amure
88 Cherkasy
89 Sumy
90 Horlivka
91 Volzhskij
92 Kostroma
93 Taganrog
94 Zhytomyr
95 Petrozavodsk
96 Dzerzhinsk
97 Surgut
98 Orsk
99 Angarsk
100 Sterlitamak

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