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SETI Program (Civ2) The SETI Program is a wonder in Civilization II.


If you have Copernicus' Observatory and Isaac Newton's College in the same city that you build this wonder, you have a 400% scientific boost. Just imagine how fast you will be in the technology field over other nations, especially if this is in your largest city!

Civilopedia EntryEdit

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) was officially initiated by the United States in the latter half of the 20th century. The purpose of the program was to find some sort of conclusive evidence that intelligent life existed beyond the confines of our planet. Employing banks of radio-telescopes and other detection equipment, SETI scans the skies hoping to find proof of extraterrestrial life in the form of radio transmissions and other activity. Although the program has yet to find such proof, the effort has produced many useful benefits to astronomy, telecommunications, and other high-tech fields.


Civilization II Wonder - The SETI Program

Civilization II Wonder - The SETI Program

Video which plays upon the construction of this wonder


  • The civilopedia description is in error, research labs do not double research output but instead provide an additional +50% as stated in its own Wonder video. This is even in line with it's effect in it's predecessor in Civilization I.
  • The wonder video includes an image of the Sectoids from the original X-com, another Microprose game as an easter egg.
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