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The SS Casing is a part of the Spaceship, which is required to win a Space Race victory.

Civilopedia entry[]

Although humankind has mastered space flight, the concept of interstellar and deep space travel presents many new problems to engineers and physicists. The Exterior Casing of the Space Ship is itself a technological marvel. Designed around a composite system of layered ceramic, zero-gee manufactured aluminum-titanium alloy, and high density polymers, the Exterior Casing is made to withstand both the dangers of debris within star systems and of radiation throughout its travel. Built into the Exterior Casing is also a complex web of electric wiring, capable of carrying a very high positive or negative electromagnetic charge, providing a shield from radiation and literally funneling electromagnetic energy and space borne hydrogen dust into the solar sail where it can be collected and used for further fuel. It is also designed with multiple levels of sensors designed to collect scientific data and to give a clear picture to the navigational computer and to the pilots of what is going on outside of the vehicle. Although this composite design for an Exterior Casing is expensive, the protection and potential scientific information that it affords is well worth the cost of manufacture.

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