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Strategy[edit | edit source]

The SS Docking Bay is a part of the Spaceship, which is required to win a Space Race victory.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Built entirely in space and for space travel, the Space Ship is a marvel of human technology. The Docking Bay module allows for the transfer of personnel and materials both during the initial loading of the Space Ship as well as during its final orbit, during which it will be converted to a Space Station for the first phase of the colonization and terraforming process. The Docking Bay module also holds the RCV Manned Shuttle, the main travel and transit vehicle for the Space Ship occupants, as well as providing access for the engineers to the exterior of the Space Ship during space walks. The Docking Bay is in essence a large air lock with a door large enough to release the RCV, flanked by a pair of smaller air locks for transferral of small teams of individuals. The Docking Bay also has large magnetic locks, allowing the Space Ship to join to the International Space Station prior to its departure during the final phases of supply loading before launching from Earth's orbit for its interstellar trip.

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