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One of ten components of the spaceship, which is used to achieve the Space Race victory type.

Civilopedia entry[edit | edit source]

Essentially designed around the concept of a controlled hydrogen bomb explosion, the Fuel Cells for the Space Ship are based around the hydrogen collection system of the solar sail. The electromagnetic and solar energy collected by the solar sail are converted to electricity, which is used to slowly build the free hydrogen collected into fuel, which is stored in the fuel cell. The fuel cells also contain small, controlled amounts of fissionable material, which is in turn used with the hydrogen core to start a nuclear reaction. These reactions, contained in the Fuel Cells, supply the high energy particles which are funneled and accelerated through the ion drive to boost the Space Ship in deep space travel. In the final stages of travel the Fuel Cells provide the necessary hydrogen, collected in transit, to power the solid fuel rocket. The entire process is controlled through powerful electromagnets which channel the energy and prevent the escape of excess energy which could produce a dangerous meltdown. One byproduct of this nuclear reaction is heat, which is absorbed in the Fuel Cell walls and converted to the electrical energy which powers the computers, Life Support Systems, and other essential functions.

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