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The SS Module (SSM) is the most second most important part of the space ship: it supports the colonists a civilization hopes to send to the stars. The single most important piece are SS Structurals, which hold the ship together.

The SSM comes in three parts: life support, solar panels and habitation. Therefore, completing one set of SSMs requires three SSMs to be built by the civilization. This can seem prohibitively expensive since each one costs 320 Shield (Civ2).pngshields to produce. However, a spaceship cannot fly without a completed set; the number of life supports, solar panels and habitations must be the same. Therefore, it is best to task the most productive cities with accomplishing this. By this time in the game, you should have cities that can produce a 300+ Shield (Civ2).pngshield unit in a few turns. In lieu of that, you can opt to purchase them, but know that they will be very expensive.

The number of colonists on the ship affects your score if yours is the civilization to win by landing a spaceship on Alpha Centauri. Therefore, in order to maximize the scoring points from this, players may choose to build more modules on their ship, if time allows. There can be a maximum of 40,000 colonists on the ship, corresponding to 4 sets of SSMs (12 SSMs constructed). The scoring of points will be awarded as follows: (Probability of space ship success in decimals, visible on spaceship screen) * (Number of colonists) / 100. Therefore, a spaceship carrying 30,000 colonists with a probability of success of 98% will award .98 * 30000 / 100 = 294 points to player score if the player wins by doing so. Accordingly, the maximum such points awardable is 400, corresponding to 40,000 colonists with a 100% probability of success.

Civilopedia entry[]

Modules are the central components of a spaceship. There are three types: habitation, life support, and solar panels. Each habitation module provides living space for 10,000 colonists. Each life support module provides enough food, water and other basic requirements to support the colonists in one habitation module. Both habitation and life support modules require power in order to operate, and each solar panel module provides enough energy to run two other modules. At minimum, every spaceship requires one of each type of module in order to be successful in its mission.

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