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One of ten components of the spaceship, which is used to achieve the Space Race victory type.

Civilopedia entry

With a journey on which so much is dependent, including the future survival of humanity in the stars, many preparations have been made to insure the survival of the crew both on the journey and once the final destination has been reached. The large Storage/Supply module fulfills many functions for the colonists, all of which are considered vital for the perpetuation of life on distant planets. The first and most obvious function that it fulfills is the storage of raw materials, including essential metals and elements which may not be in such plentiful supply in the further reaches of the galaxy. In addition to the non-organic elements stored there are also complex amino acid chains stored for eventual use to ensure the survival of organic material in the transition period during which the planet is being terraformed. Perhaps more important, though, is the storage of the terraforming machines and vehicles which are expected to be necessary once a distant planet is reached. They will be used not only to attempt terraforming the planet, but also to build the initial habitat of the colonists and mine the planet's resources for use. The most important part of the Storage/Supply unit, in the eyes of many scientists, is Project: ARK. A catalogue and series of samples of over 150 million species are included, cryogenically frozen and preserved to rebuild as much of Earth's plant and animal kingdom by the genetic engineers in transit with the Space Ship.

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