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Sacred Path is a Pantheon in Civilization VI. It increases the Faith Faith output of Holy Site districts by 1 for each adjacent Rainforest tile.


Although any civilization that spawns near the world's jungle belt can make use of this pantheon, Brazil truly shines with it. Combined with their unique ability, a Holy Site fully surrounded by Rainforests will provide a massive 12 extra Faith Faith. Even when not going for a Religious Victory, this massive Faith Faith influx can help patronize Great Person Great People, which plays well into Pedro II's leader ability. Vietnam also can make great use of this ability due to their Jungle bias allowing for strong Holy Sites that otherwise wouldn't be possible due to their restrictions of where they can place districts.

One needs to be careful about how many of these Rainforests one cuts down, however! When starting in a jungle belt and not in want of a huge Faith Faith influx, one may consider Goddess of Festivals instead, as Bananas Bananas are a very common resource in Rainforests.

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