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 "I have filled a water-bag from my people and gone to the desert,
And walked empty wastes while the wolf howled, like a gambler whose family starves."

– Imru-ul-Quais

Sahara el Beyda is a four-tile passable Natural Wonder available in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It can only appear on Desert tiles. Each Wonder tile provides 1 Science Science, 1 Culture Culture, and 4 Gold Gold. Sahara el Beyda tiles increase the Appeal of adjacent tiles by +2.

Discovering Sahara el Beyda grants +1 Era Score, or +3 Score if the player is the first to do so.


This is an absolutely incredible Natural Wonder to settle nearby for a multitude of reasons. First, its high yield is very useful early in the game (4 Science Science, 4 Culture Culture and 16 Gold Gold!). Even in the late game, you are guaranteed to have a National Park out of this because the 4 tiles are already in a diamond shape. Since this is a passable Natural Wonder, it also counts as terrain features on Desert terrain, which means it benefits from Petra, the Marae, and Reyna's Forestry Management, and also prevents Droughts. If you discover this Wonder close to you early on, immediately send a Settler over and try to build Petra in the city and assign Reyna there, and you will have a bustling desert center. (Of course, if you play as the Māori, the yields will be even more insane!)

If you have control of this Natural Wonder, consider pursuing Charles Darwin in order to receive his maximum reward of 2000 Science Science.

Civilopedia entry[]

Where in the world can you find chickens, mushrooms, monoliths, and ice cream all together? These are just a few of the calcium structures found in the White Desert outside of Farafra, Egypt.

This area, once submerged beneath a vast sea, shows the result of millions of years of water and wind erosion, shaping these great white boulders into strange shapes. The white of the chalk rock changes their appearance drastically throughout the day – from a soft pink at sunset to a glowing white beneath the full moon.

The National Park in which these formations can be found was designated a protected zone in 2002, and beyond the unique structures, it is also home to gazelles, fennec foxes, and sand cats. Today, tourists travel to the White Desert by 4WD or camel, and it has become a popular – and magical – space for overnight camping trips.


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