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Game InfoEdit

Luxury resource added in Civilization V: Gods & Kings.

  • Base yield:
    • 1 20xFood5 Food
    • 1 20xGold5 Gold
  • Modifiers:
    • +1 20xFood5 Food and +1 20xProduction5 Production from Mine improvement
    • +1 20xfaith5 Faith with Earth Mother Pantheon


Salt is quite a unique resource - it is food-oriented, thus giving a bonus of 1 20xFood5 Food and 1 20xGold5 Gold instead of the usual 2 20xGold5 Gold, but it is accessed with a Mine! What's more, the Mine's bonus is 1 20xFood5 Food and 1 20xProduction5 Production (increased by +1 with Chemistry) instead of the usual 1 20xProduction5 Production! So, the combined yield of a Salt resource on a plains terrain is 3 20xFood5 Food, 3 20xProduction5 Production and 1 20xGold5 Gold, a combination quite unusual for a luxury resource.

Salt is often found on inhospitable terrains such as deserts and tundra, making it quite valuable for civilizations such as Russia or Arabia. Use it to supply 20xFood5 Food to a nearby city, as well as trade it as a luxury.

Salt also gains 1 20xfaith5 Faith with the Earth Mother belief.

Civilopedia entryEdit

One of the necessities of human life, salt, is found throughout the world in both natural and man-made environments. Used for thousands of years as a means of preserving meat, salt was crucial in efforts to store food prior to the invention of artificial refrigeration. A common method of producing and harvesting salt for consumption is through the use of evaporation. By creating large ponds or pools of saltwater, over time the natural evaporation process will remove the water and leave behind the salt residue for collection.

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