Scarab (CivBE)
Alien Melee Unit in Beyond Earth
Moves Moves (CivBE) 2
Base Unit Strength 20xStrengthBE 6

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The Scarab is an alien species in Civilization: Beyond Earth introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack. It has lower 20xStrengthBE Strength than even a Wolf Beetle, making it the weakest alien in the game.

Civilopedia Entry

Cetonia Athabea

These bull-like creatures known as “Scarabs” are this planet's most prevalent secondary consumers—making them the weakest carnivorous creatures in the local food chain. Despite this, they are still dangerous to an unprepared traveler, as they are prone to engage in hostility with both one another and members of other species. The scarabs will often attack unprovoked even when at an apparent disadvantage. This is believed to be mating behavior, intended to impress other scarabs.

Biological scientists have studied these animals closely, in part because of their lustrous outer shells. These creatures appear to be closely related to the Cetonia Equinea that are raised in paddocks for chitin, and although the scarabs cannot be domesticated due to their temperament, their shells are considered an even greater prize. This is of course because of their luster.

Interestingly, the shells are not actually any color at all, and are instead simply the illusion of color created by a trick of light. The illusion is created by a circular polarization—a common trick in earth fauna. Of course, these shells are far bigger than any single example of the phenomenon on earth creatures, and are much harder, making them both more useful and more valuable.


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