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Science Science is one of the main statistics in Civilization VI. It epitomizes your empire's progress in technological and practical matters, and is used solely to research developments in the technology tree.


Science Science is a very streamlined statistic: it has the singular purpose to power your progress through the Technology tree. Each turn your raw Science Science output, plus eventual lump sums of Science Science earned during gameplay, are gathered empire-wide and applied towards the technology you are currently researching. Since this is a fully automatic process (tech research starts automatically the moment you found your first city, and doesn't stop until the end of the game), there is very little the player has to do when it comes to Science Science.

Note that the raw Science Science output of your empire is not the only way to progress scientifically, but it is still essential!


Science Science is mainly earned from Citizen Population and the Campus district. As of the February 7, 2018 Update, each Citizen Citizen of a city yields 0.5 Science Science (with or without the Campus), which makes for relatively good early progress as long as your Citizen Population grows fast. Later, however, you will have to develop additional means for scientific endeavors if you want to keep pace with your opponents.

Buildings, improvements, and the Campus district[]

The center of scientific development is the Campus, which is also one of the first District Districts unlocked in the game. Its adjacency bonuses provide additional Science Science, as do Specialist Citizen Citizens placed in it (+2 each). Its buildingsLibraries, Universities, and Research Labs — yield +2, +4, and +5 Science Science respectively and provide major contribution to your scientific growth.

Furthermore, scientific city-states will grant massive amounts of Science Science (up to +4 Science Science in every Campus, and an additional +2 in the Capital Capital) based on the number of Envoy Envoys assigned to that city-state.

With the Ethiopia Pack and the new Diplomatic Quarter, scientific city-states may now grant up to +6 Science Science in every Campus district (+1 Science Science for each Library, +2 Science Science for each University and +3 Science Science for each Research Lab), depending on the number of Envoy Envoys assigned to that particular city-state, plus an additional +1 Science Science in the Capital Capital.

Most of the time, several well-placed Campuses along with clever playing (for Eureka Eurekas) will ensure your technological advancement is more than enough. But there are many more additional ways to earn raw Science Science.

The Zoo adds +1 Science Science to each Rainforest and Marsh tile in its home city. In the expansions, the Aquarium (a mid-level building for the Water Park) provides +1 Science Science for each sea resource, Shipwreck Shipwreck, and Reef within its city's borders. In Gathering Storm, the Geothermal Plant is introduced as the only non-unique improvement so far that grants Science Science. It is built on the Geothermal Fissure, a tile feature which also provides Science Science.


These strategic and luxury resources each add +1 Science Science yield:

Of these resources, Mercury Mercury and Tea Tea are revealed at the start (being Luxuries), while Iron Iron is revealed soon after that. Cities which happen to have these resources close by in the early game will significantly boost your early scientific endeavors.


All scientific city-states provide additional Science Science in the Campus and its buildings, and some unique Suzerain bonuses also provide Science Science:

Policy cards[]

Several policy cards also grant additional Science Science boosts once their conditions are met. These include:

However, most of these policies become available only in the middle and late game, making them a good option for a player going for a Scientific Victory rather than for general development.


Only two wonders grant Science Science bonuses in vanilla Civilization VI: the Great Library (which grants +2 Science Science) and Oxford University (which grants 20% bonus Science Science in its city). Both also provide Eureka Eurekas; the Great Library boosts all Ancient and Classical Era techs, and Oxford boosts 2 random techs.

In Rise and Fall, the Amundsen-Scott Research Station grants 20% Science Science bonus to all cities; this bonus goes up to 40% if the city has 5 or more Snow or Snow Hills tiles.

In Gathering Storm, the University of Sankore grants 3 Science Science to its city and more Science Science from Trade Route Trade Routes.

In New Frontier Pass, 2 Science Science-producing Wonders are added. The Biosphère, from the Byzantium & Gaul Pack, generates a burst of 100 Science Science upon completion for each Marsh, Rainforest, and Woods tile in its home city (only in vanilla and Rise and Fall), and Etemenanki, from the Portugal Pack, adds Science Science to every Marsh in its home civilization and every Floodplains in its home city.

Science Science can also be obtained through several natural wonders:

Great Scientists[]

Many Great Scientists grant Science Science bonuses (not to be confused with technology boosts, which are provided by other Great Scientists):

Of course, these benefits are quite difficult to obtain - plan well if you want to get these Scientists, and keep a constant eye on the Great People screen.


Besides the above, international Trade Route Trade Routes may yield additional Science Science, when connecting to cities with Campus districts, or with certain Policies. Specialists assigned in Harbor districts also grant +1 Science Science each. And of course, we have the various ways to activate technology boosts, which will cut the time needed to research in half (see below).

Unique bonuses[]

Many unique pieces of infrastructure and civ/leader abilities grant special Science Science bonuses:

  • The unique tile improvement of Sumeria, the Ziggurat, grants +2 Science Science.
  • The unique tile improvement of Spain, the Mission, grants +2 Science Science if built next to a Campus and a further +2 Science Science with the Cultural Heritage civic.
  • The unique building of Arabia, the Madrasa, grants +5 Science Science.
  • The unique building of Portugal, the Navigation School, grants +1 Science Science for every 2 Coast or Lake tiles in the city in addition to its normal Science Science output.
  • The unique district of the Zulu, the Ikanda, grants +1 Science Science to all buildings in it.
  • The unique district of Korea, the Seowon, always has a +4 Science Science adjacency bonus, but loses 1 Science Science for each adjacent District District.
  • The unique district of the Maya, the Observatory, has an additional Science Science adjacency bonus from being adjacent to Farms and Plantations (+2 per Plantation and +0.5 per Farm).
  • Babylon's signature ability gives an inherent 50% malus to Science Science, but it allows them to unlock technologies instantly with a Eureka Eureka.
  • Vietnam's signature ability grants +1 Science Science to buildings in District Districts constructed on Rainforest.
  • Saladin's leader bonus grants +10% bonus Science Science output to cities with worship buildings.
  • Peter's Trade Route Trade Routes grant him +1 Science Science for every 3 technologies the destination civilization is ahead of himself.
  • Korea's civilization ability, Three Kingdoms, grants +1 Science Science for every Mine next to a Seowon.
  • Kupe's leader ability, Kupe's Voyage, grants +2 Science Science every turn before settling the first city.
  • Menelik II's leader ability, Council of Ministers, grants every city founded on Hills Science Science equal to 15% of that city's Faith Faith per turn generation.
  • If the Secret Societies game mode is enabled, once the Voidsingers reach the Medieval Era, each city earns Science Science per turn equal to 20% of its Faith Faith per turn generation.

Scientific progress[]

As mentioned above, raw Science Science is not the only way to progress technologically. There are now many gameplay elements which can help you progress, even though your raw Science Science output is not that great.

  • Eureka Eurekas. Almost every technology, beyond the most basic ones from the Ancient Era and certain other key techs, can be boosted through a Eureka Eureka. Check each technology's description to find out what you need to do to trigger its Eureka Eureka.
  • Tribal Villages. Some friendly tribes will share their technological secrets with you. This triggers a tech boost (equivalent to a Eureka Eureka) for a random technology in your era. Note that if you happen to have activated that technology's Eureka Eureka already, you will end up gaining the tech right away.
  • Espionage. After you produce your first Spy in the Renaissance Era, you will be able to steal Tech Boosts (equivalent to Eureka Eurekas) from foreign cities. Just send your Spy to a city with a Campus, and have them perform a Steal Tech Boost mission. Note that this is not cumulative with either a Eureka Eureka or another Tech Boost - if you have already activated such for this tech, you will be unable to complete the mission.
  • Research Agreements. After you research Scientific Theory, you will be able to enter into Research Agreements with a nation if the two of you are Declared Friends or Allies. You will have to select a particular technology you both have unlocked, and apply your joint efforts to develop it. When you complete the agreement (or sometimes even before that), you will gain the technology! Note that in Rise and Fall Research Agreements' function is given to Research Alliances.
  • Great Person Great People (especially Great Scientists). Many Great Person Great People have unique abilities which grant Tech boosts, sometimes to random technologies of their and the next era, and sometimes to one of the specific technologies which cannot receive a boost in any other way.



CIVILIZATION VI - How to Generate Science

Related achievements[]

Man on the Moon
Man on the Moon
Win a regular game with a Science victory on any difficulty with any leader with a captured Egyptian city -- having also activated Newton and Darwin
The R.E.M. song 'Man on the Moon' mentions Egypt, Newton, and Darwin in one verse.
Mission to Mars
Mission to Mars
Win a regular game with a Science victory on any difficulty with any leader.
The Science Victory is achieved after establishing a base on Mars. Possibly a reference to the 2000 film Mission to Mars.

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