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Scipio (sometimes known as Scipio Africanus)  Lived 236-183 BC is the Consul of Rome. The consul was the head of state or leader of the Romans in the Rome scenario in Civilization II. In real life, he led the Roman army against Carthage (the North African nation) and defeated the almost destroyer of Rome, Hannibal Barca.


Even though the scenario begins in the 270's BC and Scipio was born decades later. the scenario will last much longer after 183 BC when he died.He was one of the most Significant leaders of the Roman state in the Pre-Triumverant days of 70s BC. He does not have any pictures of himself and is just the name of your leader.

The first City that the romans take control of in the Scenario and in real life is Taras. The city of Taras is controlled by the Independent Greeks civilization . In real life a war was in progress called the Pyratic war. Taras was a part of a Nation called Empire of Syracuse. The other city in this Empire was Syracuse. But there is enough space in between the two cities to build the Greek colony of Croton as well. After Scipio takes control of Taras he will then begin Attacking Syracuse.  After this there is a possibility that he might begin a war with the Carthiginians due to a border dispute over Sicily island and then begin attacking Lilybaum on the western end of Sicily island. Then the cities on Sardinia and Corsica are next. all of these cities were conquered by the Roman Republic by the year 235 BC. Which is the year after Scipio was born.