Scout Planes is a Tier I promotion for naval carrier units in Civilization VI.

Effects Edit

+1 sight range.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Reconnaissance was one of the first tasks when balloons and aeroplanes entered military affairs, and it was even more important on the vast, open oceans. It could prove quite embarrassing for an enemy fleet to sneak into range. Naval scout planes made their first appearance during World War I, usually one-seater craft launched from seaplane tenders or from battleships that had a short flight deck laid atop some of the gun turrets (unfortunately, these could not land, so the pilots had to ditch their planes in the water beside the ship and wait to be rescued). Between the wars, a search for better solutions lead to catapults and arresting gear, and true aircraft carriers made their appearance, each with its compliment of long-range scout planes.

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