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Detailed Trait info[]

  • All naval units get +1 movement.
  • Naval units that end their turn on 'unsafe terrain' (such as Galleys and Caravels) without the necessary advance, will have a reduced chance of being lost. Surviving 75% of the time, instead of 50%.
  • All towns, cities and metros settled on a coast get +1 bonus commerce, this affected by the despotism penalty.
  • All buildings marked with the flag 'Seafaring' will have their production costs halved, which effectively means they're half price or built at double speed compared to other non-Seafaring civilizations. The Seafaring buildings are Harbor, Commercial Dock, Coastal Fortress and Offshore platform.
  • Seafaring civilizations start the game with Alphabet, if the civilization is both Commercial and Seafaring then it starts with Pottery as well.

The following civilizations are seafaring:

Civilization III Strengths