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Game Info[]

Advanced Sea building. Requires Harbor.

  • +1 Production Production and Gold Gold from Sea Resources worked by this City.
  • +15% Production Production of Naval Units in this city.
  • +1 20xHappiness5.png Happiness with Naval Tradition Social policy
  • +1 Gold Gold with Merchant Navy Social policy


A Seaport is the pinnacle of maritime technology. Besides further boosting production and gold output for sea resources, the Seaport also boosts naval vessel production, which may be priceless. Make sure to build training buildings in cities with Seaports, and build up your navy there!

Civilopedia entry[]

A seaport is a modern super-harbor. It is a deep-water port which has facilities to handle the largest tankers and transports. Seaports usually contain a forest of cranes for the rapid unloading of cargo, which is then transported away via a bewildering maze of railroad tracks and roads. Modern seaports are controlled by harbor-masters in high-tech control rooms equipped with radar, satellite feeds, and sophisticated computers employing complex tracking software.