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The Seowon is a unique district of the Korean civilization in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It replaces the Campus and must be built on hills.


The following buildings can be constructed in a Seowon:



Try to build the Seowons surrounded by hills and flat tiles suitable for Mines and Farms, so that you get the extra Civ6Science Science from Mines and Civ6Food Food from Farms.

Also make sure to build the Seowon away from other districts (including City Centers and Aqueducts), each of which will subtract 1 from its base Civ6Science Science yield of 4. The only exception is the Government Plaza, whose own built-in bonus cancels the penalty.

Civilopedia entryEdit

An educational crisis in 16th Century Korea brought about the seowon, a private institution designed to fill the scholarly void. The heavy emphasis on Confucian teachings and rituals were often expressed in the modest appearance of its structures. The preponderance of aristocratic children attending made the seowon ideal for discussing politics. This blend of Neo-Confucianism and topical matters created an ideal setting to explore new ideas about Korea’s contemporary culture and government.


Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Advanced Seminar in Astrophysics (Civ6)
Advanced Seminar in Astrophysics
As Seondeok, build a Spaceport district next to a Seowon
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