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The Settler is a unit in Call to Power II.



The single most important unit in the early stage of the game, the Settler is your key to expanding your empire. Use your Settler to build land-based Cities, but beware of Slavers, who can prey upon defenseless Settlers roving the countryside.

Building a Settler costs the city in which it is built one Population point.

Great Library entry[]

Since prehistoric times, people often lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling from place to place, searching for food and shelter. Some cultures grew weary of this life and opted to settle on fertile ground. The development of agricultural techniques and tool making made it easier to establish themselves in a single place, grow food, defend their land and harvest resources. As people formed the first towns and villages and populations grew, small groups would sometimes leave their villages to explore new territory and found new cities. They sometimes accompanied an army for protection. Their reasons for striking out on their own were varied: some sought to expand a fledgling nation's borders, some to escape persecution and others desired new or better surroundings.

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