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Non-combat unit

A/D 0/0
Moves 2
Cost 20 and 2 population from city where built
Upgrades to N/A
Required technologies


Required resources


Other attributes

Can be captured

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The Settler is the backbone of any developing empire. One of them is awarded when gold reserves reach 100. It can found new cities and increase the population of a city, which is useful later in the game for siphoning off population from cities that have reached their maximum and helping smaller cities grow.

However, there are some things to note about founding cities:

  • A Settler cannot found a city the turn it disembarks.
  • A Settler's movement is 2, though it can found a city after the second move using the exploit below.
  • If a Settler ends its move on a space with another unit and you scroll from that unit back to the Settler, it will then be able to found a city (bypassing many restrictions).

Settlers cost 2 population, or 1 with Republic. They can also be awarded by Barbarian villages or Native villages.

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