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Sheep (Civ6) Sheep are a Bonus Resource in Civilization VI. They may be found on any type of unwooded Hills tile except for Snow Hills.


Improved Sheep (Civ6) Sheep help cities grow larger and more productive. The Australians should settle near them whenever possible, because Sheep (Civ6) Sheep are one of three resources they can improve to trigger a Culture Bomb (and stealing a tile from an opponent that contains a Lumber Mill in this manner will earn them an achievement).

Civilopedia entryEdit

Domestic sheep are likely descendants of wild mouflon breeds found scattered across Europe and Asia. Sheepherding is the oldest documented occupation, commencing some 5000 years ago in Asia Minor. Men and their dogs kept the sheep safe from predators so the village could enjoy the wool and the mutton, both essential to the rise of the ancient Mesopotamian civilizations. The practice spread across Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East. There are today over 200 breeds of sheep in existence, each bred for a specific quality: hardiness, size, quantity and quality of fleece, milk production … and tastiness.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Wood for Sheep (Civ6)
Wood for Sheep
Playing as Australia, build a Pasture over Sheep and steal an adjacent player's Lumbermill
Refers to common actions in Settlers of Catan.
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