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The Shopping Mall is a touristic building in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall. It is built in the Neighborhood district (or one of its replacements).

Rise and Fall[]

  • Effects:
  • Restrictions:
    • Limit of one per city (even if the city has multiple Neighborhoods).
    • Cannot be built if Food Market has already been built in one of this city's districts.

Gathering Storm[]

  • Effects:
  • Restrictions:
    • Limit of one per city (even if the city has multiple Neighborhoods).
    • Cannot be built if Food Market has already been built in one of this city's districts.


The Shopping Mall provides its city with Tourism Tourism and an Amenity Amenity. Build it in every possible city if you're seeking a Cultural Victory.

Civilopedia entry[]

The modern shopping mall is an extension of Ancient Rome's public markets—albeit with better access to fresh baked pretzel dogs.

Malls, or shopping arcades, centralized collections of shops in one location. Some, like Damascus' Al-Hamidiyah Souq in the 19th Century, were essentially covered markets, while St. Petersburg's Great Gostiny Dvor would offer an earlier "traditional" mall experience in 1785.

By the mid-Twentieth Century, the enclosed shopping complex as we know it would arrive in 1955 with Appleton, Wisconsin's Valley Fair Shopping Center and the Ralph Erskine-designed mall in Lulea, Sweden. Frozen yogurt stands would follow not too long after.

Related achievements[]

Shopping Spree
Shopping Spree
Have 10 Shopping Malls in your civilization at the same time.
A shopping spree is a short period of time during which someone buys a lot.
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R&F-Only.png Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.
GS-Only.png Added in the Gathering Storm expansion pack.