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Sid Meier's Civilization® Beyond Earth: Rising Tide is an expansion pack released for Civilization: Beyond Earth on October 9, 2015.

In addition to new factions, biomes and units, the major new features in this expansion include a brand new diplomacy system, expanded aquatic gameplay, expanded exploration options, and hybrid affinities.

New diplomacy system[]

Diplomacy has been rebuilt "from scratch" in Rising Tide. Players can trade for traits that can improve how a civilization functions. A new Diplomatic Capital Diplomatic Capital system has been added to facilitate diplomacy.

Making establishing deals with the AI more transparent. Players will know where they stand with other civilizations because of the fear and respect system. The progress of wars is also tallied with a the Rising Tide war score system.

Expanded aquatic gameplay[]

In addition to a slew of new naval units such as the submarine, Rising Tide players can build floating cities that can move around the map. Previously land based resources such as Firaxite can be found in the water. Explorers can also now find resource pods and conduct expeditions in the ocean. And the chances of you spawning next to an alien nest is at 15%.

Expanded exploration options[]

For further information, see Artifacts (CivBE) and Marvels (CivBE)

Explorers have much more to do in Rising Tide. Players can now find artifacts that give large bonuses to players. Combining artifacts can lead to buildings and wonders that would not have been available any other way.

Finding marvels can lead to planet wide quests.

Harmony explorers can also leash aliens, allowing them to build armies of Aliens to fight for a civilization.

Hybrid affinities[]

Earning different affinity points in Rising Tide has a synergistic effect. Units can now be built that require multiple affinity points. Standard units can also be upgraded to new hybrid forms.

Additional features[]

  • New Hybrid Affinity units
  • New Orbital Units
  • New aliens- Aliens are different colors depending on what biome they are on
  • New buildings
  • New wonders
  • Four new factions are added including the Al Falah (the Middle East), the North Sea Alliance (the British Isles and Scandinavia), INTEGR (Germany), and Chungsu (Korea).
  • Two new biomes, primordial and frigid, have been added. All biomes will have a greater impact on gameplay affecting how Aliens react to the player, and what quests the player may find.
  • Trade units, conveys and vessels have been merged into a single hover unit that can travel on land and water greatly simplifying trade and increasing trade options.

New Sponsors[]

Al Falah Al Falah[]

Arshia kishk

Arshia Kishk leader of Al Falah

  • Leader - Arshia Kishk
  • Bonus - Yield from City Development increased to 150%
  • Capital - Ard


Lena ebner

Lena Ebner leader of INTEGR

North Sea Alliance North Sea Alliance[]

Duncan hughes

Duncan Hughes leader of the NSA

  • Leader - Duncan Hughes
  • Bonus - Aquatic cities have 50% more Strength Strength and cost 50% less Production to move. May make planetfall at sea if able.
  • Capital - Deepcastle

Chungsu Chungsu[]

Han Jae-Moon RT

Han Jae Moon leader of Chungsu

  • Leader - Han Jae Moon
  • Bonus - Start with one free Covert Agent. Each successful Covert Operation in a foreign city rewards 10 Science per Agent rank. May make planetfall at sea if able.
  • Capital - Jeongsang

New Buildings, Wonders and Units[]

Naval Buildings[]

Artifact Buildings[]

These buildings can only be built by combining Old Earth Relics (CivBE)

Changes to existing buildings[]

Aquatic Only Wonders[]

Artifact Wonders[]

These national wonders are unlocked by combining three Progenitor artifacts.

New Military Units[]

  • Submarine Submarine - Stealth ranged naval unit
  • Patrol Boat Patrol Boat - Basic melee naval unit
  • Immortal Immortal - Regenerative melee infantry unit
  • Architect Architect - Ranged infantry unit that can assist or inhibit
  • Throne Throne - Ranged hover unit that can assist or inhibit
  • Drone Cage Drone Cage - Melee combat-medic unit
  • Autosled Autosled - Melee hover unit
  • Golem Golem - Very powerful melee unit
  • Geliopod Geliopod - Land based stealth unit
  • Aquilon Aquilon - Ranged hover unit with aircraft base

New Orbital Units[]

New Aliens[]

  • Hydracoral Hydracoral - Combination terrain and enemy presence. Slows aquatic expansion
  • Makara Makara - An amphibious alien
  • Ripper Ripper - Weak water alien
  • Scarab Scarab - Weak land organism


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