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Game Info[]

Luxury resource.


20xSilver5.png Silver is a "classical" luxury resource, found on somewhat low-productivity terrains, and usually on hills. Accessed with a Mine, Silver boosts Production Production as well as Gold Gold. But its main benefit lies in that it is one of the two resources, along with Gold, to allow building of the Mint bonus building, which grants an additional +2 Gold Gold on the tile! This benefit is awesome when there's more than one source within reach of the city - in this case a single building boosts Gold Gold production greatly.

Silver is also one of the two resources which benefits from the Religious Idols belief, gaining additional Culture Culture and Faith Faith on the tile.

Civilopedia entry[]

Silver is a shiny, soft, malleable, precious metal. It is highly valued for its beauty and for centuries it has been used in ornaments, jewelry, utensils, and coinage in cultures around the world. Silver has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity properties as well, which make it quite useful in many electronic applications. Silver has been mined for at least 6,000 years, and perhaps much longer. In 1859 the "Comstock Lode" was discovered in Nevada, United States of America. This was a mighty deposit of silver which led to a huge boom in the local economy. The good times lasted some twenty-three years until the lower levels of the mine became flooded and silver extraction petered out, at which point most of the so-called "boom towns" simply dried up and died.

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