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Silver (Civ6) Silver is a luxury resource in Civilization VI. It is found in Desert and Tundra tiles.

  • +3 Civ6Gold Gold
  • +4 Amenities6 Amenities (+1 Amenities6 Amenity to up to 4 cities)


Silver (Civ6) Silver provides a considerable +3 Civ6Gold Gold when worked and up to +3 Civ6Production Production when improved with a Mine. What's more, it appears in otherwise barren terrain, which make it worthwhile to explore these lands and settle nearby! Make securing Silver (Civ6) Silver a high priority when it appears.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Malleable and shiny, silver has lured prospectors and thieves alike for at least 6000 years, since it was first mined in Asia Minor and several Aegean islands. Roman currency was based on silver, and Roman mining (mostly done by slaves) produced silver on an as-yet unprecedented scale. Chinese dynasties too used silver as their medium of exchange, minting it into coins to pay off their debts to the colonial powers. In the New World, the Spanish Cerro de Potosi was history’s largest silver mine, and the Comstock Lode brought thousands west to Nevada. All of which made Judas Iscariot’s 30 pieces of silver seem a pittance.

Related achievementsEdit

Steam achievement Silver Anniversary (Civ6)
Silver Anniversary
Possess 6 Silver luxury resources at the start of the turn
The 25th anniversary of a marriage is often referred to as its silver anniversary.
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1 Added in Maya & Gran Colombia Pack2 Secret Societies mode only • 3 Specific scenarios only
R&F-Only Added in the Rise and Fall expansion pack.

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