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The Ski Resort is a standard tile improvement in Civilization VI: Gathering Storm. It can only be built on a Mountain tile.

  • Effects:
    • Provides Tourism6 Tourism equal to the tile's Appeal (4 by default).
    • +1 Amenities6 Amenity.
  • Restrictions:
    • Cannot be built adjacent to another Ski Resort.
    • Cannot be worked or removed.


Although Ski Resorts do not provide as much Tourism6 Tourism as Seaside Resorts or National Parks, they are much more consistent and their placement is not a hassle requiring a lot of planning. Since you cannot build Ski Resorts next to each other, the only calculation you need to do when putting down this improvement is how to maximize the number of Ski Resorts you can place on a long mountain range.

And as funny as it sounds, there are no terrain restrictions on Ski Resort placement. Mountains from the poles to the deserts can be turned into Ski Resorts, so desert-dwelling civilizations like Mali or Nubia can still make use of this improvement.

Civilopedia entryEdit

Dedicated skiers will travel the globe to pursue their passion, whether to the Alps, the Rockies, the Andes, or fortunate single mountains around the world. The ski resort arose to provide well-maintained ski trails, as well as comfort and lodging to skiers. The first ski resorts were built in the Alps, especially in France, Switzerland, and Austria near established tourist towns, but soon the tourism came to the mountains with the best skiing snow.

A good ski resort has accommodations for guests, good trails, a way to easily ascend the hill (to get more runs in while the light is still good), and entertainment for those who choose not to ski. There is usually some facility for medical care, particularly as skiers occasionally come into conflict with the inexorable forces of velocity and gravity. Hot tubs or saunas are popular as well.

As the season ends and the snows melt, some ski resorts focus on providing good hiking and summer recreation—a mountain vista is a different kind of majestic in summer. Some resorts simply close, and go into hibernation, waiting for the first flakes to fall on the next season.

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