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Game InfoEdit

Most advanced airship unit. May act as base for a Flyer. Powerful attacks, but vulnerable to Flyers.

  • Common traits:
    • Can carry 1 cargo
    • Move all terrain
    • All tiles cost 1 move
    • Bonus vs landships (100)
    • No defensive terrain bonuses
    • Unable to capture cities


The Sky Fortress is the most advanced type of airship unit, and houses significant firepower. Not only can it use its cannons to attack land targets and other airships, but also it can act as a mobile base for a Flyer. With a Flyer running strikes on nearby airship units, the Sky Fortress poses a serious threat to many types of units, but is still vulnerable to enemy Flyers and Anti-Air Guns.

Historical InfoEdit

The majestic Sky Fortress is quite a sight to behold. Much larger than the airship, it casts a wide shadow on the ground below that strikes fear into the hearts of foes. It is outfitted with heavy weaponry, but kept aloft through advanced applications of aetherium's lift properties. Inside the ship's body are a variety of accommodations: war rooms used by generals above the battlefield, a small hangar which can host a squadron of Flyers, and even parlors for recreation. The Sky Fortress became the centerpiece of airship fleets, a mobile command center that could rain death on the land below and blow enemy airships out of the sky.

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