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Slavic Federation
Slavic Federation (CivBE)
Slavic Federation
Leader Vadim Kozlov
Capital Khrabrost

Orbital units stay in orbit 50% longer
+50% 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum resources

The Slavic Federation is a civilization in the world of Beyond Earth.

The Slavic Federation is a Pan-Slavic coalition government comprised of Russia and the "Eurasian" countries (as Vadim Kozlov himself affirms). This may mean Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and part of the Balkans, or perhaps it includes some non-Slavic Eurasian countries as well. The faction is led by the esteemed former "kosmonaut" Vadim Kozlov.

Slavic StrategiesEdit

For a guide to using the Slavic Federation, see Slavic Federation (CivBE)/Strategy by Utyske666.

Rising Tide Edit

The Slavic Federation's Personality Trait makes all satellites cost 1 of each of the resources required to construct cheaper. This can be upgraded to two of each reduced. They also receive some free Petroleum and Titanium, which is needed to launch many satellites. While they seem to have no actual bonuses to orbital units, remember that this is a reduction of each resources, so even with a Level 1 Personality Trait, all orbital units except Rocktopus only cost Petroleum. This is further enhanced at a Level 3 PT where even Planet Carvers only cost 2 Petroleum. At Level 3, many satellites that used to cost resources also have no resource requirements, such as the Orbital Laser, Orbital Fabricator and Phasal Teleporter. Rocktopi also only cost 1 Xenomass at this stage so going Harmony is viable as Koslov. Be sure to launch as many domestic orbital units as you can in the early game to boom, such as the Deep Space Telescope or Holomatrix as you will have enough Petroleum to launch any unit in the game at this stage.

Base Beyond Earth Edit

With bonuses to Petroleum and satellite uptime, Slavic Federation players make the most use out of any satellite unit. In particular, Harmony players may get the best use out of these passives thanks to their passive resistance and, later on, buffs to Miasma working well with the Miasmic Condenser along with keeping a Rocktopus in orbit for even longer. Anyone planning on making heavy use of satellites however, benefits greatly from the bonus to Petroleum and satellite orbit time. Those who play around satellites may also wish to invest in Industry Virtues to obtain the Superior Engineering ability for doubled orbit duration if they don't need to invest Virtues elsewhere.

Character Trait RT only Edit

Main article: Personality traits (Rising Tide)
Cosmonaut Legacy
Level Bonus
Level 1 All Orbital Units Strategic Resource requirements reduced by 1.

Start with 4 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum, 20xTitaniumBE Titanium, and 20xGeothermalBE Geothermal resources.

Level 2 Gain 2 20xPetroleumBE Petroleum, 20xTitaniumBE Titanium, and 20xGeothermalBE Geothermal resources.
Level 3 All Orbital Units Strategic Resource requirements reduced by 2.

Civilopedia EntryEdit

Old Strengths, New RussiaEdit

Although affected by the Great Mistake, Russia's legendarily vast lands and population proved to be valuable resources during the subsequent environmental changes and the long recovery. A strong hand by the central government prevented territories from seceding, and a series of emergency authorizations gave the government the authority to use all resources necessary to preserve the nation. Its military was forced to interpose itself more than once into the violence that rocked Asia and the Russian Federation emerged a much-changed entity. Political leaders saw an opportunity to regain the trust of eastern European nations, especially in light of the dissolution of the EU, and the Federation courted these countries into membership through access to Russia's strategic mineral wealth and a common cultural heritage. Although Slavic in name, the Federation nonetheless contains hundreds of Asian ethnic groups and new populations of refugees. And the Federation seems to suffer little in the way of ethnic or religious strife. The member nations of the Federation enjoy a degree of autonomy, and it must in fairness be said that ethnic minorities are often given freedom to form local governments.

Mud, Ice, Oil, MetalEdit

The ecological disasters that followed the Great Mistake meant extensive melting of the permafrost and tundra. If there was an upside to the ecological damage, the warmer temperatures made construction easier, and geological surveying teams found new deposits of strategic minerals and oil in previously inaccessible terrain. Rising sea levels affected the Baltic port cities, but opened up other all-year port possibilities, and the Federation has prospered by selling raw materials and petroleum to the rest of the world. The Trans-Siberian pipelines, highways, and refinery cities are easily visible from orbit, and at night they appear as a glowing spiderweb of headlights and city lights.

The People's TriumphEdit

The Federation has earned a reputation as being the world's engineers of heroic infrastructure, and this has given them an edge as they prepare for the Seeding. These huge projects, such as the restoration of the Black Sea and the Volga Dam Network have united the country politically, and given them ample practical experience in construction in difficult situations. Federation engineers are in high demand around the world, and if their projects lack elegance of design, they more than make up for it in robustness.

Pioneers on New FrontiersEdit

Of all the post-Mistake nations, the Slavic Federation has emerged as most active in space. The Mir 2 space station, the Zvezdagrad orbital factory, and the Nova Luna installation are rightfully regarded as some of the finest feats of spaceflight up to the Seeding itself. Furthermore, there are multiple overlapping programs in the Federation, mainly military, civilian, private, and academic ones. Roscosmos – now supplied with top academic minds from all the Federation members – took a leading role in scientific advancement and the development of spacefaring technology.

To SpaceEdit

Up until the Seeding, the Federation took a matter-of-fact attitude towards its terrestrial engineering and space program. They were seen as tools that were needed to improve the lives of its citizens, but increasingly the Federation has cast its work as being for the continuity of humanity. Federation technology can overcome any challenge, and federation know-how can find a solution to any problem. That philosophy motivated its herculean efforts in the colonization movement over the years leading to the Inflection Point.

List of CitiesEdit

Order City Name Native Script Language Meaning Notes
1 (Capital) Khrabrost Храбрость Russian "Bravery/Courage"
2 Uspekh Успех Russian "Success"
3 Serik Серый Russian "Grey/Grizzled" More accurately "Seriy".
4 Stanimir Станимир Slavic "Camp Peace" Masculine name in Russia, Bulgaria, & Serbia. Derived from Stan/Стан ("Camp/Mill") and Mir/Мир ("Peace/World").
5 Konechno Конечно Russian "Certainly" A common Russian phrase of agreement or compliance.
6 Svyatoy Святой Russian "Holy/Sacred"
7 Kuzma Кузьма Russian "Order/Decency" Masculine name via Greek Κοσμας (Kosmas).
8 Istochnik Источник Russian "Source/Origin" As in "water source" or "wellspring".
9 Yuriya Юрия Russian? "Farmer/Earthworker?" Possibly a feminine form of Yuri/Юрий, Russian masculine name via Greek Γεωργος (Georgos). Yuri Gagarin was a Russian cosmonaut and the first human in space.
10 Aguya Агуя Belorussian "Eagle" Feminine name via Latin Aquila. Or possibly Kalmyk feminine name meaning "Mistress of Fire", via Russian Ogon'/Огонь ("Fire").
11 Izot Изот Russian "Full of Life" Masculine name via Greek Ζωτικος (Zotikos).
12 Rodomir Родомир Slavic "Family Peace" Masculine name derived from Rod/Род ("Kind/Race") and Mir/Мир ("Peace/World").
13 Blesk Блеск Russian "Shine/Splendor"
14 Vola Воля Russian "Will/Freedom" More accurately "Volya".
15 Pobeda Победа Russian "Victory"
16 Neba Неба Russian "Sky/Heaven" More accurately "Nebo".
17 Averkiy Аверкий Russian "Avert" Masculine name via Greek Αβέρκιος (Aberkios).
18 Krasota Красота Russian "Beauty"
19 Mir Мир Slavic "Peace/World" The Soviet (later Russian) Mir space station was the first modular space station, assembled in space from 1986 to 1996 and deorbited in 2001.
RT only Introduced in the Rising Tide expansion pack.
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