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Game InfoEdit

Base terrain found in the far north/south of the world.

  • Base yield - none.


Snow tiles are, far and away, the most useless terrain in the game. They are generally not useful for anything except Great Person improvements and Forts, unless there happens to be a resource on them. Hills in snow provide no base yield, but can be improved with Mines for some 20xProduction5 Production; Farms can also be built on snow tiles that have access to fresh water, such as that provided by a lake. Avoid settling on snow whenever possible, and if you have to in order to access some resource, try to settle on the shore so you can use coastal tiles and their resources.

Civilopedia entry Edit

Snow is quite unproductive, with no food or production benefit to a nearby city. Of course a snow hex might contain a useful resource, but otherwise they're just cold and barren.

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