Adopting Tradition greatly increases the rate of border expansion (25%) in cities (by diminishing the accumulated 20xCulture5 Culture needed for successive new tiles) and also grants +3 20xCulture5 Culture in the Capital5 Capital. Unlocks building the Hanging Gardens wonder.

Adopting all Policies in the Tradition tree will grant +15% 20xFood5 Growth in all cities and a free Aqueduct in your first four cities. It also allows the purchase of Great Engineers with 20xfaith5 Faith starting in Industrial Era.

Policy Effect Requirement
Aristocracy (Civ5) Aristocracy +15% 20xProduction5 Production when building Wonders (any Era) and +1 20xHappiness5 Happiness for every 10 20xPopulation5 Citizens in a City. Adopting Tradition
Oligarchy (Civ5) Oligarchy Garrisoned units cost no maintenance and cities with a garrison gain +50% Ranged Combat Strength. Adopting Tradition
Legalism (Civ5) Legalism Provides a free culture building in your first 4 cities. Oligarchy
Monarchy (Civ5) Monarchy +1 20xGold5 Gold and -1 Unhappiness (Civ5) Unhappiness for every 2 20xPopulation5 Citizens in the Capital5 Capital. Legalism
Landed elite (Civ5) Landed Elite +10% 20xFood5 Growth and +2 20xFood5 Food in the Capital5 Capital only. Legalism
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